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"Woamy", a spinout from Aalto University, was conceived from the insights gained during the Foamwood research project. This groundbreaking endeavor led to the creation of our unique patented biofoam technology, which mimics the directional strength of wood. The outcome is a high-quality solid foam, exceptional in its strength and remarkable for its lightweight nature.


Our devoted team at Woamy has successfully scaled the technology from lab-scale to a more extensive garage-scale machine and is in the process of constructing an even larger production line, with plans to initiate our first packaging pilot productions as early as Autumn 2023. In additionto this we are currently fine-tuning our strategies to establish our first pilot factory, projected to be operational by 2026.


Passionate about making a sustainable change, our multidisciplinary team uses innovative ways to help our customers to revolutionise their packaging with our biofoam. Through a holistic approach, we combine scientific research, circular thinking, design, and business strategy, to create best solutions, while addressing both commercial and environmental needs.


Our Mission

Transform the world with sustainable innovation and replace harmful plastic foams with our biofoam and empower everyone to reach their sustainability goals with it

Our Values

Promote science and innovation

Make a large-scale positive environmental impact​
Cherish diversity

Life-long learning to achieve the best innovative practices

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Meet the Team

Our multidisciplinary team of scientists, designers and business minds are ready to make the foam industry sustainable

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