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♻️ Can you recycle foams in cardboard streams? Yes, with Woamy!

Only 1% of all plastic foams produced annually are recycled! According to the new EU rules released in April 2024, all packaging will have to be recyclable or reusable.

With most plastic foams being difficult to recycle and some biofoams being only biodegradable and not recyclable by themselves, we at Woamy aimed to create a fully circular packaging material that utilizes existing recycling systems. At Woamy, we’ve developed a new type of cellulose biofoam that is derived from renewable and natural fibers and can also be recycled seamlessly with cardboard streams. Therefore, you can recycle Woamy biofoam alone or together with the cardboard packaging without needing to separate these materials! 📦🌍

Recycle easily with Woamy. If you are interested in collaboration, send us a message or an email to

New EU rules to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging :

Woamy biofoam was tested by KCL labs using the CEPI recyclability method.

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