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✨Check out the exquisite Woamy biofoam proof-of-concept packaging for MyllyGlass✨

We're delighted to unveil our latest collaboration with Aalto University’s Pack-Age students to create an Exclusive Edition of Whiskey Glass Packaging for the Mylly Glass artisans of glassmaking based in Karkkila. Together, we've crafted a packaging solution that honors both the spirits it holds 🥃 and the earth 🌍 it comes from.

This luxurious packaging features Woamy's innovative biofoam, nestled in a beautifully designed box with a fine wooden texture that tells a story of nature 🌿 and craftsmanship. The foam, tailored to cushion the delicate Mylly Glass whiskey glasses, showcases the potential of sustainable materials in creating premium experiences 🌟.

Connect with us at and discover the potential of eco-conscious packaging with Woamy also for your product and join us in crafting a future where luxury and sustainability are intertwined 🤝 🌱

Special thanks to Markus Joutsela the teacher behind Aalto University's Pack-Age minor and the design students Nea Paavola, Prem Sankaran, Jenni Rimpiläinen, Matleena Liukkonen, and Sara Spadinger.


MyllyGlass is an artisan glass studio in Karkkila, Finland, a collaboration between artist/designer Helmi Remes and artist/educator Slate Grove


Pack-Age, Aalto University's packaging design minor subject, was celebrating last year its twelfth anniversary as a developer of innovative packaging solutions. Click the link below to learn more about it:

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