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Greetings from Plug and Play Silicon Valley Summit 🚀

We've had an incredible time sharing Woamy’s story and connecting with innovative startups and corporations committed to addressing sustainability challenges. Special thanks to all the deep tech investors championing a greener future and shout-out to fellow batch startups making a meaningful impact, just to mention a few: Vitriform3D BioPlaster Research VERDE Nanomaterials MacroCycle Technologies Arolytics Gaia Ag PBC Grocery Shopii 🍊

Big thanks to Plug and Play for bringing all of us together, supporting us on our journey and emphasizing the pivotal role of impact startups in shaping our world.

Plug and Play Tech Center Plug and Play New Materials & Packaging

Shirley Li Tabitha Mills Gemma Guilera, PhD

A summit highlight: Tom Chi’s keynote from At One Ventures on challenging us to reimagine our economic and natural resource perspectives for a sustainable future — a collective vision worth aspiring to. Together, let's chart a course toward lasting impact! 🌿

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